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Introducing our
"Final Loads"




Elton Kelly, Magician & Webmaster - Bakersfield, California, presents:
Magic  &
 Magic4Us, Magic for Us, Magic 4 Us - No matter how you say it, we are all things magical ...

Your "one-stop, resource-site"
listing performing magicians, Magic Events, Magic Conferences, Magic Conventions, Magic Lectures,
Magic Stores and Magic Dealers

Magic4Us tells you where to hire a magician - almost 500 from 15-countries, listed state-by-state, and, with contact-information - for interested clients to search and then contact the magician most-closely matching their magic-performance and entertainment requirements.

Each magician is encouraged to provide a brief-description of their programs.
Performing-Magicians are encouraged to contact Magic4Us - FREE-listing

The Magic4Us WebStore offers 500+ of the finest magic-suppliers/dealers
throughout the world. Dealers and suppliers are invited to contact us for listing.

Selected DVDs and books on magic, magical-subjects, and, how to perform magic are listed. Magic4Us encourages recommendations concerning additional DVDs and books on magic from performing-magicians.

As Magic4Us develops magic-tricks, some of the required magic-supplies will be available in free, printable (PDF) format; those who already understand the "how-to" can freely-print these items. Others will want to learn and we will sell the solutions.

Also check-out our "Links to Magic-sites"

Please contact Magic4Us to let us know other areas in which we can serve the magic community.

Find magic tricks, how-to, magicians, magic supplies,
magical illusions and magick events
... in other words,
 Magic4Us is your one-stop resource
for "all things magical"

Please Bookmark Magic4us, and,
link your site to this site ... thanks

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